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Focus on building your AI based solution, We handle the AI part.

Edge Devices

Flexible Deployment

No matter how you deploy we give you freedom of choice according to your need for security or flexibility

Managed Service Deployment

Run on The Fly

Cloud Service

Self Managed Deployment

Install with a single command


Face Recognition

Automatically detects facial features and recognizes it — classifying them into the known person and unknown person. 

Vehicle Counting

Count every vehicle passed and classify each of them into a motorcycle, small, medium, and big vehicle.

People Counting

Counting the number of people in a particular area with multiple regions of interest

License Plate Recognition

Provides recognition of face plates for all types of vehicles and developed to adapt real conditions in indonesia.

Crowd Estimation

Measure the number of people at large in crowd. This analytic will provide you the estimated number of people in a particular area of interest.

Face Demography

Provides gender classification and age estimation based on a person’s facial characteristics.

Face Match with 2 Photos

Detects facial features from two photos and verifies whether the faces in both photos match.

Water Level Detection

Provide early warning & notification whenever the water exceeds the level certain predetermined.

Face Mask Detection

Detecting face masks used by the user. This service is delivered in the form of a rest API.

Helmet Detection

Artificial Intelligence Analysis that provides helmet detection on passing motorcycles in real-time.

Vehicle Density

Detect & calculate the density of occurrence vehicles in public areas as an indicator of public mobility.

Face Match with Enrollment

Detects facial features from a photo and matches it with a pre-enrolled photo in the database.

Face Enrollment

Detecting faces in an image and creating templates that encode the identifying characteristics of each face.

Planogram Compliance

Automate the placement audit process & placing the SKU on the rack then bandaging want with a predetermined template.

People Density

Detect & calculate density the emergence of humans in public areas as a indicators of community mobility.

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