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Visionaire Face Enrollment

By utilizing the Face Mask Monitoring solution, the East Java Provincial Government also gains a lot of insight that can be used to carry out actions to separate from the crowd, prohibiting entering trains or other public areas, providing masks for immediate use, and imposing sanctions. 

Analytic Definition of Face Enrollment

Detecting faces in an image and creating templates that encode the identifying characteristics of each face. It is one of the two steps performed in automated face recognition.

Analytic defitnition of Face Enrollment
Benefits of Face Enrollment

Benefits of Face Enrollment

  • Save DPO / Wanted List faces to be detected with face recognition later

  • Can be applied with business case such as member loyalty points

Key Features of Face Enrollment

Fast Process

Rapidly stores and save your face enrollment in our system.

Tolerance Face Posture

Assures to correctly recognize a face with a particular condition like minor tilt, nod, age, and minor attributes like glasses and scarf.

Image Filtering Capability

We’re capable to asses your image enrollment with features like multiple face detection, image quality assessment to detect wheter your image is low or high quality.

Solution Brief

Read Our Analytic Sheet

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