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Vehicle Density Monitoring

Getting easy to monitoring road mobility

Analytic Definition of Vehicle Density

Detect & calculate the density of occurrence vehicles (vehicle density) in public areas as an indicator of mobility Public. The system will give information when there is public mobility in certain areas.

Analytic definition of Vehicle Density
Benefits of Vehicle Density

Benefits of Vehicle Density

  • Data Average Vehicle Density Today

  • Daily Data for Each Type of Vehicle

  • Daily Data for Density of People

  • Heatmap for human density and crowd estimation

Key Features of Vehicle Density

Effective Monitoring

Monitoring at thousands of points with a centralized system for an effective and scalable monitoring process.

Easy Integrate

Easy integration of camera inputs, as well as event webhooks that support connectivity to more

many other platforms.

Mobility Sampling Time

Allows for information on the average number of vehicles that pass in a 15-minute period in one day.


The machine processes automatically starting from the detection of an object

(human/vehicle), calculating the density of objects in a certain area.

Solution Brief

Read Our Analytic Sheet

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