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Water Level Detector

Detect and get the insight from the level of water 

Analytic Definition of Water Level Detection

Detect the characteristics of the water in the area such as a river to monitor its movement in the camera view. Water Level Analysis Detection can help provide early warning & notification whenever the water exceeds the level certain predetermined.

Analytic Definition of Water Level Detection
Benefits of Water Level Detection

Benefits of Water Level Detection

  • Facilitate prevention and early action against a flood disaster

  • Reduce costs and increase the safety of flood-prone areas

  • Helping you to inform the public about the potential for flooding

Key Features of Water Level Detection

Maximum Monitoring

Easy to set on Region of Interest / ROI and desired monitoring parameters.

Alert System

Sends an alert or notification whenever the water starts to exceed a pre-set level.


Records every event that occurs in the camera view, providing a comparison over time in a particular area.

Various Points

Ability to detect multiple points in a frame


Has the ability to provide video analytics with real-time monitoring.

Solution Brief

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