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People Counter

Count the people in selected area

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Analytic Definition of People Counting

Know the number of people in a particular area with multiple regions of interest. This can be done to capture people traffic, like at the front door, gate, elevator, lift, lobby, etc. Using Nodeflux People Counting, organizations can seamlessly gather the number of visitor data and analyze peak hour on each respective area.

Analytic Definition of People Counting

Benefits of People Counting

  • Real-time insights about customer behavior 

  • Capture and analyze mass traffic from multi locations. 

  • Optimizing flows and advertisement positioning

  • Estimate marketing exposure

Benefits of People Counting

Key Features of People Counting

In/Out Identifier

Identify whether the person going in or going out in a determined area.

Rich Reporting

Time to time comparison, easy to monitor the trend of the hotspot area.

Multiple Counter Line

Enables multiple counting capability within a frame, cover a wider area for specific needs.

Solution Brief

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