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Analytic Definition of ​License Plate Recognition

Provides recognition of license plates for all types of vehicles. Nodeflux LPR is using Deep Learning algorithm that developed to adapt real condition in Indonesia, like various kinds of the plate, and any wide range of environmental conditions.

Analytic Definition of License Plate Recognition

Benefits of ​License Plate Recognition

  • Get the identity data from vehicle owner

  • Get information about vehicle tax status

  • Eliminate bottlenecks and chokepoints in traffic flow

  • Identification of the busiest lanes and entry/exit points

Benefits of License Plate Recognition

Key Features of ​License Plate Recognition


Our LPR is well-trained to withstand in the real environment and plate condition such as rainy, sunny, visible low-light, and bent.

High Accuracy

Achieves 94% accuracy using real case dataset covers all possible condition including low-light, dusty, rainy, and cropped plate

Searchable Plate

Easily investigate or search any plate from list of detection, complete with geolocation, thumbnail, and timestamp.

Fast Processing

Real-time detection enables plate character recognized within milliseconds, leaving no gap for missing any single vehicle.

Plate Variety

Enable to recognize any plate number type and colors such as yellow, white, and red plate as well as military and police plate.

Watchlist Management

Easily list high-profile vehicle either blacklist or whitelist, support real-time notification if any vehicle in the list detected.

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License Plate Recognition (LPR System)

Recognize every vehicle without a blink

Solution Brief

Read Our Analytic Sheet

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