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Face Mask Detector

Health protocol compliance solution

Analytic Definition of Face Mask

Detect & calculate the number of people wearing masks and not in public areas as an indicator of compliance and community discipline in carrying out health protocols that have been set by the government central and provincial. The system will give information when a face object is detected.

Analytic definition of Face Mask

Benefits of Face Mask

  • Makes it easier  to separate people without masks from the crowd

  • Make it easier to ban visits to public area

  • Distribution of comparison of daily mask users

  • Comparison of compliance with the use of masks in each area

Benefits of Face Mas

Key Features of Face Mask

Effective Monitoring

A centralized system, making the monitoring process more effective and scalable.

No-mask Alarm

Real-time alerts when the number of detected masks is below the specified threshold to reduce the potential for virus transmission.

Highly Automated

The machine processes automatically starting from detecting the presence of objects (human faces) and detecting the use of masks in bulk at once at one time.

Advanced Insight

Data is displayed in an easy-to-understand dashboard and can be exported to other forms for easy advanced analysis and reporting.

Wide Area Coverage

Thousands of points throughout the city can be monitored through the city's existing CCTV.

Success Story

Pemprov Jatim

By utilizing the Face Mask Monitoring solution, the East Java Provincial Government also gains a lot of insight that can be used to carry out actions to separate from the crowd, prohibiting entering trains or other public areas, providing masks for immediate use, and imposing sanctions. 

Solution Brief

Read Our Analytic Sheet

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