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Start to drive the revenue, increase efficiency and productivity by improving business processes and decision making through AI 

Smart Building

Visitor Management System

Zonna VMS

A combination of artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) that helps automate security management processes.

HRIS Employee Attendance

HRIS Employee Attendance

HRIS application and employee attendance supported with Artificial Intelligence and loT for efficiency yet to increase employee productivity and performance. 

Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Easy parking system to increase efficiency with AI.

Smart Retail

Face Payment

Face Payment

Increase speed of payment process with face authentication.

Retail Traffic Managed Service

Retail Traffic Managed Services

Provide insight on  retail industry.


Smart Manufacture

Biometric Verifiiation Validation

Biometric Verification & Validation

Verification & validation face to efficiency authentication.


Smart Agriculture

Chicken Monitoring

Detect chicken and give an insight such as count, heatmap, etc.


Custom Analytics

Didn't find the solution that you need?

Create your own analytics

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