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Helmet Detection System

Make it easier to detect and enforce road order

Analytic Definition of Helmet Detection

Ability to detect helmets on passing motor vehicles in real-time on the road. Nodeflux Helmet detection uses a Deep Learning algorithm to adapt to real-world conditions and performs processing quickly.

Analytic Definition of Helmet Detection

Benefits of Helmet Detection

  • Data regarding riders who wear helmets or not

  • Allows you to focus on a specific area to perform operations

Benefits of Helmet Detection

Key Features of Helmet Detection


Our Helm Detection Analytics is trained with lots of helmet data with various variations so that it can detect each helmet properly.

Fast Processing

Real-time helmet detection allows helmet detection in milliseconds, leaving no gap to miss a single vehicle.

Camera Agnostic

Our analytics has the ability to integrate with other cameras that already have License Plate Recognition / Vehicle Detection analytics pre-loaded. 

Solution Brief

Read Our Analytic Sheet

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