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Vehicle Counting Camera

Count then classify every vehicle faster and better

Analytic Definition of Vehicle Counting

count every vehicle passed and classify each of them into a motorcycle, small, medium, and big vehicle - the number will be increased in our future research

Analytic Definition of Vehicle Counting

Benefits of Vehicle Counting

  • Capture vehicle density and capacity ratio on the road

  • Determine traffic congestion and peak-time 

  • Vehicle classification up to 23 types of vehicles

  • Detailed analysis of the traffic within parking lots.

  • Measure the potential number of Above-The-Line (ATL) marketing impact

Benefits of Vehicle Counting

Key Features of Vehicle Counting

In/Out Identifier

Identify whether the vehicle going in or going out in a determined area.

Rich Reporting

Time to time comparison, easy to monitor the trend of the hotspot area.

Multiple Counter Line

Enables multiple counting capability within a frame, cover a wider area for specific needs

Multiclass Classification

More than just counting, the detected vehicle objects can be classified into predefined class by size and body type.

Solution Brief

Read Our Analytic Sheet

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