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Crowd Estimation Counter

Get real-time insights on crowd behavior

Anallytic definition of crowdestimation

Analytic Definition of Crowd Estimation

measure the number of people at large in crowd. While the commons practice is to count each person manually, which requires practice is to to consume to get an insightful report, this analytic will provide you the estimated number of people in a particular area of interest

Solution Brief

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Benefits of Crowd Estimation

  • Real-time insight about costumer behavior 

  • Capture and analyze mass traffic from multi locations.

  • Measure the potential number of Above-The-Line (ATL) marketing impact

Benefits of crowd estimation

Key Features of Crowd Estimation

Rich Reporting

Time to time comparison, easy to monitor the trend of the hotspot area.

Multiple Detection Area

Define multiple hotspot areas in a camera view and identify the crowd size

Rapidly process, detect, and identify faces from multiple live video sources simultaneously in real-time.

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