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Solution Brief

Face Match Enrollment Solution

Matching captured face with enrollment database

Analytic Definition of Face Match with Enrollment

Automatically detects facial features from a photo and matches it with a pre-enrolled photo in the database. It returns the similarity between the new photo and the photo previously enrolled in the database.

Analytic definition of Face Match with Enrollment
Banefits of Face Match with Enrollment

Benefits of Face Match with Enrollment

  • Get similarity of face in picture with face in your database

  • API Integration

  • Pay as you go

Key Features of Face Match with Enrollment

Fast Identification

Rapidly detects and matches faces from two photos.

High Accuracy

Our face recognition achieves 99.83% accuracy using Labelled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset.

Tolerance to Face Posture

Assures to correctly recognize a face with a particular condition like minor tilt, nod, age, and minor attributes like glasses and scarf.

Identification Capability

Our face match can be used as a verification system (1-to-1 comparison).

Solution Brief

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