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A Platform Aimed to Grow the AI Ecosystem in Indonesia

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BIG With Nodeflux

We believe that acceleration occurs through collaboration. Therefore, Catalyst is created as a chamber for you to be BIG with Nodeflux in building an AI ecosystem in Indonesia.

This program allows you to build solutions and products through Nodeflux's analytics so your company will keep to innovate.

This ecosystem allows us to fill each other's needs in the market, thus we can seize every opportunity and grow together.

Technology & Solution Development


Sales Empowerment

Partner Type

Compatibility certification to scale up your product and improve new features, this is the most suitable chamber that you can’t miss.

Technology Partner

Expand the adoption of your product and diversify it, tailored products to become end to end solutions, and do use case development, this is the chamber that you should choose.

Development Partner

Penetrate mature product and widen market reach, encourage customers to upsell, settle the channel and value chain to be low touch selling, this is the chamber that you can't ignore.

Channel Partner