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Visionaire Face Recognition

Recognize, identify, then classify someone based on the database

Analytic Definition of Face Recognition

Provides accurate searching and recognition using Deep learning Algorithm to enhance the accuracy of facial features and recognize them -- classifying them into the known and unknown person. This analytic can be integrated with a database or external database.

Analytic definition of Face Recognition

Benefits of Face Recognition

  • Gather more specific time stamps and tracking someone presence.

  • Streamline your visitor registration process and automatically provide guest credentials.

  • Easy integration with external databases or creation of new databases

Benefit of Face Recognition

Key Features of Face Recognition

Fast Identification Process

Rapidly detects and matches faces from two photos with high accurate.

High Accuracy

Our face recognition achieves 99.83% accuracy using Labelled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset.

Tolerance to Face Posture

Assures to correctly recognize a face with a particular condition like minor tilt, nod, age, and minor attributes like glasses and scarf.

Watchlist Management

Easily control whitelisted or blacklisted person detection from your database and

seamlessly track their presence.

Identification Capability

Our face match can be used as a verification system (1-to-1 comparison).

Solution Brief

Read Our Analytic Sheet

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