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Use Case

Plate Based Compliance Solution

Solutions for effective and easy vehicle tax optimization through number plate detection integrated with the Samsat database

Optimal Tax Enforcement to Maximize State Revenue

Tax collection in Indonesia has many problems, among others due to: low level of awareness, knowledge and economic level, incomplete and accurate database, etc. With these problems, we need technology that can help to find out which vehicles have not paid taxes to determine which areas have the most vehicles not paying taxes. Therefore, nodeflux created a Plate based Compliance solution. It uses CCTV in public areas that will read vehicle number plate data which is integrated with the Samsat database.

Plate Based Compliance for optimazing Tax Enforrcement to Maximize State Revenue

Installed on the Smartphone and Integrated with a Trusted Database

Not only from CCTV, the acquisition of vehicle number plate data which will later be integrated with motor Samsat data can also be through an application that can be installed on an Android-based mobile phone. By simply taking a picture from the camera available on the mobile phone, the picture will be sent to the motor vehicle tax database - Samsat data and returned with the required vehicle data along with the PKB data.

You can Install vehicle tax optimization application on smartphone

Number of vehicles that do not pay taxes

Total value of tax arrears

Integrated with Samsat database

Solution Brief

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vehicle counting

Vehicle Counting

Count every vehicle passed and classify each of them into a motorcycle, small, medium, and big vehicle.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

Provides recognition of face plates for all types of vehicles and developed to adapt real conditions in indonesia.

Analytic Used

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