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Smart Parking

Automated Parking Management solution
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Parking Management Supervision Made Easier

Limited land and the explosion in the number of vehicles make parking a common urban problem. As a result, traffic jams are everywhere and hamper the activities of all residents. Imagine if the distance that should only be covered for 10 minutes turns into 1 hour and this happens every day. Therefore, smart parking solutions are here to help you overcome parking problems that have been difficult to solve.

Parking Management Supervision Made Easier

Optimization of City and/or Regency PAD (Regional Original Income) from Parking Retribution

This solution uses two types of analytics which are license plate reocnition and plate based compliance. Both of these analytics allow you to find out whether the license plate number of the vehicle is registered or not.

Optimization of City and or Regency PAD from Parking Retribution

24/7 non stop monitoring

Reduce the cost

All across devices

Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Counting

Count every vehicle passed and classify each of them into a motorcycle, small, medium, and big vehicle.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

Provides recognition of face plates for all types of vehicles and developed to adapt real conditions in indonesia.

Analytic Used

Solution Brief

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