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Create regulation for people to wear a mask

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Face Mask Monitoring




Pemprov Jatim


During pandemic, community activities in public spaces do not necessarily disappear, increasing potential spread of the viruses. Following WHO's advice and policy masks in the Circular of the Minister of Health Number HK.02.02/I/385/2020, the Government has instructed the public to use compilation masks. 


Covid-19 has changed the pattern public activity and mobility. The use of masks becomes form a new habit for the sake of minimize the risk of transmission. The East Java Provincial Government also realizes that the monitoring process cannot be carried out if it only relies on human resources without technological assistance, especially in areas that are quite dense such as “Pasar Rakyat”.

The East Java Provincial Government to anticipate the spread of Covid-19


In order to anticipate the spread of Covid-19, The East Java Provincial Government needs to conduct massive monitoring in every area that has a large potential in the process of transmitting the virus. However, the condition of a large area and large number of citizens makes the effectiveness of monitoring and the speed of action by officers become critical. If the handling is delayed, the impact will be very large on the provincial economy and also on the health of the people who lives there.

As a result, the Pemprov Jatim government improves

Reduce spread of covid19


Faster to handle covid19



In collaboration with a team of regional heads, Disperindag and Diskominfo of East Java Province, VisionAIre face mask detection analytic helps the East Java Provincial Government to be able to suppress the rate of pandemic spread in traditional markets in the new normal era.


Face mask detection that is connected to the dashboard will provide information on the compliance of residents who visit traditional markets for the use of masks to regional heads and related teams or agencies.


VisionAIre offers technology-based artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to automate the monitoring process by detecting faces with or without mask. Equipped with an alert system as a responsive notification for officers when subjects are detected.


By utilizing the Face Mask Monitoring solution, the East Java Provincial Government also gains a lot of insight that can be used to carry out actions to separate from the crowd, prohibiting entering trains or other public areas, providing masks for immediate use, and imposing sanctions. By taking these actions, the East Java Provincial Government is able to improve and suppress

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