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Pemkot Manado

Monitor vehicle activity and traffic density in real time.

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Road Traffic Monitoring




Pemkot Manado


Manado city is the capital city of North Sulawesi province in Indonesia. The city is located in Manado Bay, and is surrounded by mountainous areas. The estimated population in Manado (based on January 2014) is 430,790. The Manado City Government has a vision to maximize the use of Information and Communication Technology in supporting city programs towards a livable, efficient and sustainable city, as well as an environmentally sound or green based environment often referred to as the Smart City.

The Challange of Big City to monitoring process for each activity


With a large population and area coverage, the monitoring process for each activity that supports the achievement of the vision of the city of Manado is difficult to do in a conventional way. In addition, the trend of urbanization in the city of Manado has created an experience of unprecedented growth in population and traffic congestion in urban cities. With this kind of growth, comes the need for the safe and convenient traffic operations, as well as improving a convenient for the road infrastructure.

As a result, the Manado city government improves

Reduce traffic congestion


Reduce the number of vehicle accidents


Illegal parking decrease



With the existing challenges, the Manado city government decided to choose the Road Traffic Monitoring solution from VisionAIre. This solution uses several analytics which are Vehicle counting, Vehicle Dwelling, and Vehicle Trajectory.

This solution allows the Manado city government to monitor vehicle activity and traffic density in real time. The insights obtained from this solution allow the Manado city government to control traffic based on factual data in the observation area with data in the form of total vehicles per day in the observation area, types of vehicles passing through the observation area, and estimated speed of passing vehicles.


A Road Traffic Monitoring solution based on computer vision AI allows the Manado city government to Reveal patterns from existing traffic to make a better data-driven decision or even automate the whole process of decision making. The implementation of AI can assure efficient and safe traffic operations by empowering the wide-traffic surveillance system and traffic control system to manage and minimize traffic accidents.

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