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Mass Traffic Monitoring




Electronic City


PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk is the largest electronics seller company in Indonesia. Electronic City is the pioneer of modern electronic retail in Indonesia by opening a standalone store as well as the first flagship store in Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD). Currently Electronic City already operates 69 outlets spread across 24 cities in 15 provinces throughout Indonesia that offers a variety of products in four main categories: audio-video, household appliances, cellular phones and gadgets, IT equipment and office supplies. Like retail in general, data related to consumer behavior is a big challenge for Elcetronic City. Data related to demographics in real time or at certain events are often recorded manually, which means there is a large enough chance of error so that decision making ends up not in accordance with factual conditions.

Electronic City success to increase 30% of sales, 5x number of visitor anda 15x improvement in traffic flow settings


In retail, it is often impossible to measure the impact of event procurement on sales, especially regarding insights that can be taken for evaluation in the next event procurement. In the context of Electronic City, they find it difficult to collect data related to the number of people who have data at one time, appropriate traffic arrangements to improve customer experience, to the appropriate product display position based on customer behavior in the store. This data is quite crucial because it has a direct relationship to business performance.

As a result, Electronic City improves

Increase sales


Increase the number of visitors


Improvement in traffic flow settings



The challenge is related to the data needed in its store, Electronic City uses the Mass Traffic Monitoring solution from VisionAIre. This solution has several analytics consisting of Heatmap, People Counting, and Crowd Estimation. The heatmap allows Electronic City to analyze which areas are frequently visited by visitors. Meanwhile, People counting allows them to find out the number of people who pass the line of interest as a reference for calculating the number of visitors in real time and their gender. Finally, Crowd Estimation provides data related to the estimated number of crowds in the observed area.


Equipped with these analytics, Electronic City is able to optimize the customer experience when shopping at its store while making it easier for Electronic City to measure the effectiveness of a campaign that is run within a certain period through supporting data such as demographic data and the number of visitors visiting. obtain supporting data related to customer behavior based on demographics.

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