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Our New Product and Solution

AxiooSight Bullet LTE

Outdoor smart hybrid CCTV that applies edge computation. Accuracy 99.67%. Embedded 4G LTE modem and GPS Module.

AxiooSight Bullet Non LTE

An outdoor smart CCTV system that uses edge computation to provide highly accurate surveillance with 99.67% accuracy.

AxiooSight Dome

A smart hybrid CCTV designed for indoor use, combining the latest in edge computation technology with 99.67% accuracy.


Smart CCTV with AI for mining to provide valuable insights for improving safety and productivity. It analyzes video in real-time to detect and alert workers to potential hazards and equipment malfunctions.


Smart CCTV with AI helps retail businesses gain insights into customer behavior. Identifying and alerting businesses to key customer behavior patterns. 


Smart CCTV with AI helps ensure the safety of workers in the workplace by ensuring compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.


Smart CCTV with AI maximizes advertising campaign effectiveness by analyzing video feeds and providing customer behavior insights.


Smart CCTV system uses advanced AI technology to analyze the video feed in real-time, providing valuable insights into the health and well-being of your chicken farm.

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