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Use Case

Visionaire Mass Traffic Solution

Easily know how many visitors are in your event and get other information related to the traffic with Mass Traffic Monitoring.

Getting your visitor traffic data to improve event security and performance

Mass Traffic Monitoring is an artificial intelligence(AI) based solution for getting visitor traffic data information for tourist attractions, events and/or performances. The implementation of this solution allows you to obtain and perform data processing related to the number of visitors, hours busy/quiet, crowded area points and other things as needed.

Getting your visitor traffic data with Mass Traffic Monitoring

Mitigate every risk in the crowd

This solution helps you to monitor the traffic of people or masses 24/7 in public areas. With the insights provided in the dashboard, you can make decisions quickly to minimize risks, such as during demonstrations.

Minigate every risk in the crowd with Mass Traffic Monitoring solution

Number of people who crossed the line of interest

Number of people in an area

Human calculation data in one frame in an area

Success Story

Electronic City

Equipped with these analytics, Electronic City is able to optimize the customer experience when shopping at its store while making it easier for Electronic City to measure the effectiveness of a campaign that is run within a certain period through supporting data such as demographic data and the number of visitors visiting. obtain supporting data related to customer behavior based on demographics.

Success story formr Electronic City who success to optimize the customer exprence with Mass Traffic Solution from VisionAIre

Solution Brief

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People Counting

People Counting

Counting the number of people in a particular area with multiple regions of interest

Crowd Estimation

Crowd Estimation

Measure the number of people at large in crowd. This analytic will provide you the estimated number of people in a particular area of interest.

People Density

People Density

Detect & calculate density the emergence of humans in public areas as a indicators of community mobility.

Analytic Used

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