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Use Case

HRIS Employee Attendance

One-stop solution for HRIS and employee attendance. Find out how we help you get to know your employees like never before.

Increase employee productivity through face biometric attendance

This solution allows you to have a Human Resources Information System Platform and Employee Attendance supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things for efficiency and employee performance improvement in the form of a Web Dashboard and Mobile App which can be accessed anywhere and anytime. .

HRIS incease goverment employee productivity

Create an effective work environment to increase revenue

This solution makes employee management better and more efficient because it uses digital attendance validated by biometrics and the Geo-Tagging feature. As a result, you can control employee performance so as to encourage them to provide the best performance for the company.

HRIS create an effective work in goverment environment

Backoffice Dashboard

Employee Management

Operator Management

Solution Brief

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Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Automatically detects facial features and recognizes it — classifying them into the known person and unknown person. 

Face Demogtaphy

Face Demography

Provides gender classification and age estimation based on a person’s facial characteristics.

Face Match with 2 Photos

Face Match with 2 Photos

Detects facial features from two photos and verifies whether the faces in both photos match.

Face Match with Enrollment

Face Match with Enrollment

Detects facial features from a photo and matches it with a pre-enrolled photo in the database.

Face Enrollment

Face Enrollment

Detecting faces in an image and creating templates that encode the identifying characteristics of each face.

Analytic Used

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